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2014 Montana Junior Duck Stamp Program Contest Results

News-MT JDS Contest Results2014 Montana Junior Duck Stamp Exhibit (above) featuring 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in Refuge Okefenokee Room or visit the Refuge Flickr website for scans of originals.

On Friday, March 21, 198 student art entries from towns across Montana were judged at Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge (Stevensville, MT). Each piece of artwork is considered a visual “term paper” of what students have learned about waterfowl and wetlands via the Junior Duck Stamp Program. Thirty-one native species of waterfowl were depicted. Five judges selected the entry of Carson Collinsworth as the “Best of Show.” Carson’s beautiful oil painting depicts a pair of Harlequin Duck. This entry will be forwarded to Washington, D.C. for further competition against the 49 other Best of Show entries (each State submits one). One of the 50 Best of Show entries will be selected the National Junior Duck Stamp Program winner, officially printed as a stamp representing the Junior Duck Stamp Program.

The Montana cities with the highest student participation (ascending order) were: Missoula, Billings, Miles City, Glendive and Stevensville. The top five favorite waterfowl species drawn, by percentage: 5% Canada Goose, 7% Hooded Merganser, 8% Green-winged Teal, 13% Wood Duck, and 31% Mallard. Colored pencils (15 %), acrylics (13%), watercolors (13%) and combinations of mediums (49%) were the most favored drawing, painting materials.

Students compete with similarly aged students via four groups based on school grade. Group 1 is K-3rd, Group 2 includes 4th-6th graders, Group 3 are 7th-9th grade and Group 4 encompasses 10th-12th students.

Students finishing first were: Group 1- Sam Hall (Eureka), Isabella Ioannides (Missoula), Conner Collinsworth (Whitefish); Group 2- Evynne Alexander (Stevensville), Jake Hall (Eureka), Michael Zielinski; Group 3 – Katriene Carney (Glendive), Summer Bird (Glendive), Kailee Smith (Billings) Group 4 – Jesse Barham (Glendive), Jenna Gustafson (Glendive).

Students finishing second were: Group 1- Mya Gunderson (Florence), Caleb Pernsteiner (Victor), William VanTassel (Stevensville) ; Group 2- Christian Fink (Billings), Abby Riska (Missoula), Ben Watson (Missoula); Group 3 – Kira Bauman (Glendive), Katelyn Matzen (Miles City), Jesse Zhang (Missoula); Group 4 – Esther Carney (Glendive), Tara Egeness (Glendive), Morgan Wetz (Glendive).

Students finishing third were: Group 1- Dawsyn Brewer (Stevensville), Aidan Pernsteiner (Victor), Bella Wright (Sheridan); Group 2-Luke Dvorak (Sheridan), Callie Gunderson (Florence), Grace Gunderson (Florence); Group 3 – Maddy Brazeal (Glendive), Ashley Mower (Glendive), Bethany Power (Billings); Group 4 – Ty Hartman (Glendive), Bailee Robbins (Helena), Sierra Robinson (Glendive).

Students finishing honorable mention were: Group 1- (all from Stevensville) Ethan Alexander, Tanna Bailey, Grace Capovani, Lylee Christopherson, Clayten Cochran, Danika Felton, Julie Gingerich, Kyla Hays, Emily Kopsa, Desirea Pezzulto, Cambree Praast, Emily Rau, Taylor Sprenkel, Holly St Germain, Tad Tackes, Zoe Wedel; Group 2- Isabel Bixler (Corvallis), Frances Carrasco (Hamilton), Clare Daley (West Yellowstone), Maeve Daley (West Yellowstone), Kailen Herbstritt (Corvallis), Jasmine King (Corvallis), Cody McCartney (Corvallis), Christy Novak (Stevensville), Nyssa Schairer (Corvallis), Signee Storrud (Corvallis), Mason Wiggins (Hamilton), Hannah Wisherd (Missoula); Group 3 – Trey Good (Missoula), Brock Warner (Billings), Treyton Boager (Miles City), Maddie Fink (Billings), Evie M Gunderson (Florence), Ethan Gunderson (Florence), Morgan Johnstone (Miles City), Carrie Nagle (Lindsay), Brooke Robbins (Billings), Eli Shults (Glendive), Morgan Smith (Miles City), Konrich Speelman (Miles City), Kara Stasiewich (Billings), Damien Stasiewich (Billings), Emily Toennis (Miles City), Mya Winters (Glendive); Group 4 – Kenton Beebe (Billings), Kieran Beebe (Billings), Cheyenne Conner (Glendive), Eriq Hernandez (Glendive), Herlin Kadriu (Glendive), Chris Mallory (Glendive), Amber Voss (Missoula).

The entries submitted this year were of high quality which made judging difficult. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service thanks and congratulates all artists, students, teachers, parents and administrators for their a) support of this program and/or b) time and effort in producing such beautiful pieces of artwork. All students placing first, second, third or honorable mention, along with family and the general public, are invited to attend the Montana Jr. Duck Stamp Award Ceremony on May 10 from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm at Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge. Please call Bob Danley at (406) 777-5552 x203 or e-mail for more information.
Last Updated: Apr 05, 2014
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