Conservation Fund

The Conservation Fund's Go Zero Program Bottomland Hardwoods Restoration Initiative

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The Grand Cote and Lake Opehlia Restoration Initiative presents a rare opportunity to restore native hardwood forests that will expand wildlife habitat, create new areas for public recreation and trap carbon dioxide.

On behalf of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, The Conservation Fund will use donations from its Go Zero program to restore approximately 814 acres of marginal agricultural land within the boundaries of the Grand Cote and Lake Ophelia National Wildlife Refuges. The newly restored native bottomland hardwood forest will be managed by the Service to ensure its long-term protection and stewardship. All carbon accrued from this project shall be withheld from the carbon market and cannot be sold or banked for future offset purposes.

The project has been designed to:

decrease the effects of climate change via carbon sequestration;
restore Louisiana's bottomland hardwood forest ecosystem for the benefit of fish and wildlife resources; and
create long-term community benefits in the form of enhanced habitat for wildlfie and improved recreational lands under the management of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for activities such as hunting, fishing, wildlife photography, wildlife observation, environmental education and environmental interpretation.

Information on Restoring a Forest Legacy at Grand Cote and Lake Ophelia National Wildlife Refuges Project - Submitting comments and more information too.