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“If we can teach people about wildlife, they will be touched. Share my wildlife with me. Because humans want to save things that they love.”

― Steve Irwin 




  • Waterfowl


    During the winter months, waterfowl can be seen regularly.  An astonishing amount of mallards can be viewed, along with a variety of other species, such as blue and green-winged teal, pintail, gadwall, and widgeon.  Other species of waterfowl, such as bufflehead, lesser scaup, and the ring-necked duck, are in the more open areas of the lake, which is closed off to the public during the winter months so they are not disturbed.

  • Raptors

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    "Who cooks for youuuu...who cooks for you allllllll??"  Asks the barred owl.  The barred owl is the most common owl you will hear at Lake Isom.  Other common owls are the barn owl, great horned owl and screech owl.  Red-tailed hawks and red-shouldered hawks soar through the skies and can be seen regularly.  The infamous bald eagle calls Lake Isom home, and during the winter approximately 200+ more migrate from Alaska and the Great Lake states to the Lake Isom and Reelfoot Lake area.  Our smallest raptor is the small, but feisty, American kestrel, which can easily be spotted along power lines and is often confused with songbirds.

  • Songbirds

    prothonotary warbler 150X118

    During the spring, our bottomland hardwood forests are chattering with life.  The bright yellow of the prothonotary warbler, deep blue of the indigo bunting, and red flashes of the scarlet tanager make for an enjoyable and exciting outing for birders.