Lacreek Sandhills


Navigating by GPS? Enter coordinates:
N 43* 09’ 59”
W 101* 34’ 06”

Lacreek National Wildlife Refuge is located approximately 12 miles southeast of Martin, SD, and about 120 miles southeast of Rapid City in southwestern South Dakota. If you are coming from the Rapid City area, there are several ways to get to the refuge. First, you could take Interstate 90 (route #1 on map below) east to Kadoka (exit 150). Turn right and proceed south on Highway 73 to the Highway 18 junction. From the junction, take a left and go about 1 mile and turn right on the gravel road. Head south 4 miles to the small town of Tuthill. Take a right at Tuthill and go 1 mile. You will now be at the northeast corner of the Refuge -- look for the information kiosk. To get to Headquarters, take the gravel road from the kiosk and go about 6 miles. Once past the prairie dog town, you're almost there. Follow the signs to Headquarters. 

Another way to the Refuge from Rapid City (route #2), which takes you through a portion of the Badlands National Park, is to head out Highway 44 past the airport to Scenic. From Scenic go south to Sharps Corner. Take a left at Sharps Corner and head to Kyle. From Kyle take a right and go to Allen, continue past Allen to the Highway 18 junction. Take a left and head into Martin. From Martin, take a right on Highway 73 and just follow the posted signs. Just in case a sign is missing, go approximately 4 miles south, turn left onto the gravel road, go 1 mile east, then turn right and go 1 mile south, then take a left and go 7 miles east. This will take you directly to the Refuge Headquarter. Be on the lookout for deer and pheasants along the gravel roads.

If you are coming from eastern South Dakota, the easiest route is to take Interstate 90 to the Kadoka exit and follow the above mentioned directions to the Refuge. Visitors coming from Nebraska, the easiest route would be to follow Highway 20 to Highway 61 in Merriman, Nebraska. Take Highway 61 north into South Dakota and look for the Refuge sign along the highway pointing you towards the Refuge. The road to Refuge Headquarters is approximately 14 miles north of Merriman, Nebraska. 

No matter which direction you come from, you'll be treated to the sights and sounds that western South Dakota and north-central Nebraska have to offer. Drive safely and enjoy your visit! 

 Vicinity Map