Lacassine Pool

Habitat Type

The most prominent feature on the refuge is the 16,000-acre impounded fresh marsh known as the Lacassine Pool (Unit G), which provides sanctuary and food for thousands of ducks, geese, shorebirds, and wading birds in peak years. Lacassine Pool is also a popular fishing area and is heavily utilized during the fishing season.

In an effort to manage Lacassine Pool for wintering waterfowl and fully aquatic species, water levels are maintained at full pool, or as close to it as possible during the spring and summer months. In the winter, water levels are lowered so the waterfowl foods that are produced can be made available to waterfowl. This water level regime is highly dependent upon weather conditions in any given year. A hurricane or tropical depression can completely flood the area for an entire year. Though Lacassine Pool is recognized as a feeding area for some species of waterfowl, one of its most important contributions to wintering waterfowl is serving as a sanctuary and resting area for pintails. 

Facts About Lacassine Pool

  • 16,000 acre freshwater marsh
  • Water levels managed by refuge staff
  • Supports thousands of waterfowl and other migratory birds