All of the information and more can be found on the Southwest Louisiana Complex Hunting Regulations form. Please note that this form is required in order to do any hunting on the refuge.

Southwest Louisiana National Wildlife Refuge Complex Hunting Regulations brochure
Hunting Regulations brochure - part 1
Hunting Regulations brochure - part 2

Hunters are cautioned that motorboat travel on the refuge may be hazardous due to water conditions, weather, and restricted view from vegetation.

Waterfowl Hunting Regulations
Only ducks, geese, gallinules, and coots may be taken. See map for areas open to waterfowl hunting.

Hunt Period

Hunting is permitted on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday of the LA teal and coastal zone duck and coot waterfowl seasons. The refuge is closed to hunting during the goose-only portion of the waterfowl seasons. Hunters can enter the refuge and launch boats no earlier than 4 a.m. and may not remain on the refuge later than 2 p.m. All decoys and blinds must be removed from the refuge daily.


Hunters may scout refuge hunt areas during the refuge open fishing season, March 15 through October 15, and Monday through Friday during the one week prior to the opening of the LA coastal zone duck and coot season. Possession of blind material while scouting is prohibited.

Special Waterfowl Lottery Hunts

Special lottery hunts will be held during the second split of the LA coastal zone duck and coot season for Unit B. Adults and youth may apply. Additional permits are required. Permits will designate hunt day and hunt area number. Contact refuge headquarters for more details.

Big Game Hunting Regulations

Archery hunting of white-tailed deer is permitted in designated refuge areas in accordance with state WMA general regulations and bag limits. The refuge season is open from October 1 through the Friday before the LA coastal zone duck and coot waterfowl season. Hunters may not enter the hunting area earlier than 4 a.m. and may not remain later than two hours after sunset. Incidental take of feral hogs is permitted during archery deer season only. Equipment use follows state approved archery equipment regulations. Each hunter must complete and turn in a Big Game Harvest Report (FWS Form 3-2359) available from a self-clearing check station, after each hunt.

Deer Stands

Only portable deer stands may be used. Hunters may place deer stands on the refuge 1 day before the deer archery season and must remove them from the refuge within 1 day after the season closes. Hunters may place only one deer stand on the refuge, and deer stands must have owner's name, address, and phone number clearly printed on stand. Hunters must place stands in non-hunting position at ground level when not in use.