Mammals and Reptiles

Hawaiian monk seal

This monk seal relaxes on the beach as the tide washes by.

  • Dolphins


    Groups of nai‘a (spinner dolphins) play close to shore in spring and summer, entertaining visitors with dramatic leaps and spins.  

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  • Hawaiian Monk Seals


    ‘Ilio holo i ka uaua (Hawaiian monk seals) can occasionally be seen hauling out on rocks below the cliffs. Most of these endangered seals live in the remote northwestern area of the Hawaiian Islands and are a rare sight on Hawai‘i's main islands 

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  • Turtles


    You may even spot a honu (green turtle) bobbing in the waves below Kīlauea Point. Although turtles may be seen mating in Kaua‘i waters, honu typically mate and nest at the place of their birth in French Frigate Shoals in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.  

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  • Whales


    Endangered koholā (humpback whales), which migrate from Alaska to Hawai‘i each year to mate, give birth, and rear their young, swim offshore from December to April. Koholā can be seen offshore of Kīlauea Point from November to April. Prime time for whale watching is between January and March.