Columbian white-tailed deer find sanctuary in the refuge/USFWS

 Columbian White-tailed deer find safety amid the forest, field and wetlands of this National Wildlife Refuge

Within the National Wildlife Refuge System, over 500 National Wildlife Refuges and more than 150 million acres of land offer sanctuary to a diversity of plants and animals. These places offer us hope for a future for many threatened and endangered species like the Columbian White-tailed Deer.

Land Stewards

Guided by Aldo Leopold’s vision that love and respect for the land is an extension of our nation’s ethics, refuges inspire active land stewardship. Refuge staff, partners and volunteers form a community of conservation to create and manage habitat in which Columbian white-tailed deer and others species can thrive. By actively caring for land, people and refuges are able to restore and enhance landscapes to provide a safe home for wildlife in need. This landscape of fields, forests and wetlands hosts more than just deer, frogs, waterfowl and herons – it holds a wild heritage unlike no other for future generations.

Serving for Tomorrow

Each day refuge staff, partners and volunteers engage in the mission of the National Wildlife Refuge System through inventory and monitoring, restoration efforts and educational outreach. You are a vital player in the future of these plants and animals. How will you help to ensure a sanctuary for species such as the Columbian white-tailed deer?

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