For Educators

A student uses binoculars to observe wildlife during a field trip to Willapa National Wildlife Refuge/Photo Courtesy of Rollin Bannow

Julia Butler Hansen Refuge is a wondrous outdoor laboratory chock full of opportunities to supplement and support your classroom activities. 

Plan a Field Trip 

Want to bring your classroom to the refuge? Opportunities exist for self-created exploration, service projects or biological inventories, or request a ranger-led excursion. Discover the possibilities.

Request a Ranger 

Seeking a subject matter expert to share the unique stories of the Refuge with your group? Refuge staff and volunteers may be available to join your class at your school or in the refuge. Contact the refuge with your request: or 360-484-3482

Utilize Lessons from Willapa NWR's Fourth Grade Education Program  

Students become "Refuge Explorers" after sharpening their observation and critical thinking skills throughout four, hands-on classroom visits.

View lesson plans, workbooks and find additional information about the program.

Additional Ways to Bring Wildlife to Your Classroom 

Wildlife and national wildlife refuges create unlimited subjects for study. Have students research, prepare a project on, and share about one of the over 550 national wildlife refuges. Challenge students to become a refuge manager to research and make decisions about a local wildlife concern. Participate in the Junior Duck Stamp Contest. Work with your school and local library to gather wildlife related books to share with your class. Explore a variety of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service curriculum. Share your great ideas with other educators and refuge staff.