Maga Ta-Hohpi WPA

Maga Ta-Hohpi Trails shop and other amenities

The first tract of land of the Maga Ta-Hohpi WPA was purchased in 1993.  The area was officially named Maga Ta-Hohpi (MA-HAA-TA-HOP-EE) WPA in 1994, the Yankton Sioux name for Duck Nest. 

The Maga Ta-Hohpi WPA is 1,471 Acres in size and lies north of Highway 14. Two other WPAs the Thesenvitz and Weaver lie just to the South of Maga Ta-Hohpi WPA. The Huron WMD shop is located on Maga Ta-Hohpi WPA. Many other amenities have been added over the years to enhance public use such as a paved hiking trail, mowed trail, observation platforms, restrooms, and interpretive kiosks. Maga Ta-Hohpi is a popular spot for many of the pheasant hunters that frequent the area each fall.