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  • Koa


    Acacia koa is an important species for several reason, providing habitat as well as food for native birds, insects, and plants.

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  • ʻŌhiʻa

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    The most common and widespread large tree of Hawaii's wet forests. The red-flower form is the official county flower of the Island of Hawaii. 

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  • Kīponapona

    Phyllostegia racemosa

    Phyllostegia racemosa, or kīponapona, is an endangered climbing vine with square stems. It was historically found near Mauna Kea in the Hakalau and Saddle Road areas.

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  • Hāhā

    C. shipmanii

    Several species within the Cyanea genus are referred to by the Hawaiian name hāhā. Endemic to the Hawaiian islands, Cyanea consists of 11 species and 5 subspecies on Hawai’i island.   

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  • 'Oha wai

    Clermontia pyrularia

    Clermontia pyrularia is an endangered lobeliad that reaches a height of 9.8-13 ft. The species name is derived from pyrus (pear) because of its orange, pear-shaped berries. 

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