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Three diverse types of tallgrass prairie habitats can be found on Flint Hills NWR, each with specific wildlife and plants.

  • Cordgrass

    Prairie Wildlife 1

    Cordgrass prairie is found in low, wet areas and is composed mainly of prairie cordgrass, butonbush, eastern gama grass, and Sullivan's milkweed.  The Refuge actively manages cordgrass prairies and replants what was once cordgrass prairies back to the desired species.

  • Upland

    Prairie Wildlife 2

    Upland prairie occurs in drier sites above the flood plain and contains many well-known tall grass prairie plants, including big bluestem, indiangrass, switchgrass, and a large variety of wildflowers.  While only a handful of these native prairies exist still today on the Refuge, these habitats are important to wildlife.

  • Savanna

    Prairie Wildlife 3

    Savanna prairie habitat is a mixture of widely scattered trees, prairie grasses, and wildflowers.  Savanna prairies are limited on Flint Hills NWR, but some can still be found today north and south east of the Refuge office.

Last Updated: Mar 25, 2013
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