Drought at Flint Hills National Wildlife Refuge

Drought 1

Mother nature has not been kind to Flint Hills National Wildlife Refuge and surrounding areas.

The last two summers have been hard on the Refuge, and it visitor activities.  Due the drought that has existed for the last two years the Refuge wetlands have remand dry due to pumping restrictions.  Working with the Kansas Water Office the Refuge staff was able two pump two of its marshes in 2012, which limited the amount of waterfowl usage the Refuge had.  The drought has also impacted the amount of visitors we have received because of the lack of waterfowl.  Our hunting numbers have dropped significantly with the drop of birds using the Refuge.  We are still hoping that 2013 will bring in the rain and we will be able to bring the Refuge wetlands back to full production, but if we don't receive precipitation the refuge staff will work hard to keep the wetlands in good shape.