12. Stevens Creek East Trail - Mountain View

Overview Map Highlighting Moffet  Bay and Stevens Creek Trail

0.9 miles one way

Amenities and Uses
Hiking, bicycling, waterfowl hunting in ponds. No pets except for waterfowl hunting dogs during waterfowl hunting season.

Trail Surface
Flat, compacted gravel road. Can get muddy after rain.

Additional Uses
Trail is used by waterfowl hunters to access hunting blinds within the salt ponds mid-October to late January. Check signs and the refuge website for exact dates.

One of the best places to see waterfowl in the winter. At the end of the trail during low tide, hundreds of shorebirds can be seen feeding in the mudflat. 

Connections to Other Trails
Connects to the Bay Trail system via Moffett Bay Trail, Stevens Creek Trail, and Shoreline at Mountain View.

Directions to Trailhead
The trailhead isreached from the end of Crittenden Ln. in Mountain View. From Highway 101, take the Shoreline Blvd. exit and drive north 0.9 miles toward the Shoreline Amphitheater to Crittenden Ln. Turn right on Crittenden Ln. and drive 0.4 miles until the road ends. Park in the street. Walk past the sign for A&Z Tree Movers and up to the Stevens Creek levee to the paved trail on the west side of the creek. Cross the bridge to the east side of the creek and turn left.

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Moffet Bay and Stevens Creek East Trail Map