14. Ravenswood Trail - Menlo Park

Overview Map Highlighting Ravenswood and SF2 Trails

3.3 miles one way. The trail can he hiked as a loop if you walk 0.8 miles along the frontage road next to HWY 84 to the parking area.

Amenities and Uses
Parking, hiking, bicycling, waterfowl hunting on levees. No pets except for waterfowl hunting dogs during hunt season.

Trail Surface
Flat, compacted dirt levee. Trail turns to mud after rain. The section between the south end of the trail to the parking area is uneven and muddy in wet weather. 

Additional Uses 
Trail is closed to hikers and bicyclists from mid-October to late January for hunting season. Check signs and the refuge website for dates. 

This little used trail traverses through tidal slough, tidal marsh, bay shoreline, and a managed wildlife pond. Water is drawn down in the summer for nesting birds like American avocets and snowy plovers. The Mosely Tract, owned by the City of San Jose, provides some of the best birding along the route. 

Connections to Other Trails
You can walk to the south side of the Dumbarton Bridge to access SF2 Trail. Connects to the paved portion of the Bay Trail leading to Menlo Park, East Palo Alto, or over the Dumbarton Bridge to Fremont.

Directions to Trailhead
From the East Bay: Cross the Dumbarton Bridge and exit at the Ravenswood Unit sign. Drive the frontage road northeast 0.4 miles, past the trailhead marked by brown metal gates, to the parking area that abuts the Dumbarton Bridge on the right. 

From the west (Menlo Park): Take the Bayfront Expy. toward the Dumbarton Bridge. Exit at the Ravenswood Unit sign and drive northeast on the frontage road. Cross under the bridge and park on the left in the designated parking area. Walk southwest 0.25 miles to the brown metal gate on the right. 

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Ravenswood and SF2 Trail Map