Just for Kids

Kids' Smiles

There are lots of fun activities for kids here at the refuge.  You can take part in guided programs that are scheduled on our activities calendar, or participate in self-guided activities like those listed here.  Although these activities are geared toward kids, adults have lots of fun too!  Just download and print the activity and take it with you when you come visit. Most files are in pdf. If you require a file in a different format, please call 510-792-0222 ext. 476.

  • Jr. Refuge Ranger Activity Book

    Jr. Refuge Manager

    Learn about the refuge while participating in fun activities about the refuge.  Check out the exhibits, observe wildlife, and complete the puzzles.  Once completed, take the Junior Refuge Manager pledge and receive your button.

    Download the booklet for the Fremont site (4.4 MB, pdf)

    Download the booklet for the Alviso site (3.7 MB, pdf)

  • Nature Quest


    Explore the refuge while deciphering rhyming clues. The rhymes and map will let you know where to go, what to see, and how the area has changed over time. At the end of the Quest, there will be a box for you to sign in to document your find, and to collect a small prize.

    Coming soon

  • Refuge Roundup Multi-Cache


    This virtual multi-geocache brings you to little-known places on the refuge throughout south San Francisco Bay.  Once all the questions have been answered, bring the answer sheet to the Refuge Visitor Center in Fremont to receive the last digit of the combination to the cache box. Open the box to sign the log, take an item from the box, and then leave an item in the box. Download the coordinates (pdf)

    For more information on geocaching, log on to www.geocaching.com. You will find that there are several caches all over the Bay Area! You can also log your finds on this web site. You can find the Refuge Round Up activity by typing in the code GC1HQ1W.


  • Refuge Coloring Book

    Don Edwards Coloring Book Cover

    Print out coloring pages of the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge.  Color the scenes and wildlife that you may see on the refuge when you visit.

    Download the coloring book (2 MB, pdf).  Coloring book by Kirsten Wahlquist.