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History of Humbug Marsh

Save Humbug_CroppedCommunity memers gathered in support of protecting the Humbug Marsh area from residential development.

The fight to save Humbug Marsh received an incredible amount of attention by major media outlets, such as the Detroit Free Press, and allowed the communities along the Detroit River to express their valuation of this humble property. Thousands of local supporters gained a vested interest in the future of Humbug Marsh after so narrowly saving it from a future of wetland infilling and development. This organic, community‐wide effort to protect this natural space is a clear expression of the significance of place and the place‐attachment that many local community members feel towards the Humbug Marsh. With such a strong and active stakeholder group poised, the Refuge, as new owners of the property, held an important role in shaping the future of the Humbug Marsh and ensuring that it remains conserved in perpetuity, while maintaining the support of so many community members.

The Refuge took advantage of the momentum of community support and activism spawned by the desire to save Humbug Marsh and began developing long‐term plans for conserving and protecting the marsh in perpetuity while also sharing its unique sense of place with others, in order to further build and strengthen community support for it. Many public meetings were held during which the goals and opinions of local individuals and community groups were heard and assessed as part of the future strategies for the Humbug Marsh Unit.

EXCERPT from Fostering a Conservation and Environmental Stewardship in the Industrial Heartland: Investing in a Sense of Place as a Tool of Sustainability on the Detroit River's Humbug Marsh

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Last Updated: May 14, 2014
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