Recent Sightings

Hummingbird Nest Kris Spaeth 2016

Stay up to date with recent sightings at Crane Meadows National Wildlife Refuge.

Recent birds sightings at Crane Meadow National Wildlife Refuge reported to eBird. You can also see refuge specific sightings by visiting eBird

eBird is created and maintained by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in partnership with National Audubon to gather information on bird sightings. Anyone can contribute bird sightings to eBird and sightings from the refuge will appear here within 15 minutes. It also enables you to find out which birds are being reported and where. These observation records become part of an online checklist program that scientists and birders with internet access can use to review bird observation information from specific locations across North America, including many National Wildlife Refuges. New to eBird? Read their eBird Quick Start Guide for more information.

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