Pesticides Cleanup

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Cleanup is anticipated to begin in 2019.

Studies conducted by the Service and a private party detected elevated levels of pesticides and other chemicals in soils and groundwater immediately around four warehouses in an industrial area (Area 7).   Historically, the buildings were used to store agricultural chemicals.  The pesticide-contaminated soils pose a potential risk to human health and the environment. The groundwater contamination is below levels at which regulations require action.

An engineering evaluation/cost analysis which further investigated the release up pesticides and evaluated  removal alternatives was completed. A public meeting was held to take public comment on the engineering evaluation/cost analysis. After consideration of public comment, a decision was made to demolish the four warehouses, remove the contaminated soil to a permanent off-site land field, and restore the area to natural habitat. The service is working on agreement with a private party to fund and implement the on-site cleanup activity. On-site activities are anticipated to begin in 2019.

Important Documents

Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis. Report, January 2018.

Fact Sheet for Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis, January 2018