Winter Wonderland

winter wetland

When the weather outside is frightful, don't run and hide! Here is a variety of activities to fill your winter months. So, bundle up and have some fun!

  • Water, water, everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

    Putting out water might seem like more of a summer thing to do, but in winter all the water can be frozen. Ice covered ponds and puddles can make it hard for wildlife to stay hydrated. You can help them by placing containers of water in your yard! Various sized containers are good to attract different kinds of wildlife. Birds like shallow water because if the water is deep they will get their feather wet and become too cold or they could even drown. However, larger animals such as deer would be happy with a bucket of water. Putting the water in a black container can be very helpful in an open area. Sometimes the heat from the sun is enough to melt the ice each day. If it’s too cold for that or if you don’t have a black container, no problem! Just remember to bust up the ice or bring the container inside for a few hours to thaw.

  • Tricky Tracks

    Bundle up and take a walk in a field. The snow is a great place to look for animal tracks! If you look close enough, you can even see tunnels under the snow. This is where small critters have made underground highways for themselves to get where they need to go. For some ideas on animal tracks you may see, follow this link. 

  • Yummy Popcorn Garland

    This holiday decorations have become a tradition in many homes across the country. You can make your own garland to decorate a tree outside your home and attract wildlife! It doesn’t even have to be for a holiday. All you need is popcorn, cranberries, and needle and string. Thread the popcorn and cranberries on the string with the needle in any kind of pattern you’d like. Then garnish a tree or shrub outside with your newly crafted decoration. You can even pop an extra bowl of popcorn to snack on as you watch the wildlife enjoy theirs!

    See our Christmas Tree for Wildlife information sheet for more ideas.

  • Snowmen for Wildlife

    Build a snowman, snowwoman, snowanimal, or even a snowfamily, but build it for wildlife! The traditional carrot can be used for a nose, almonds to make the mouth, walnuts for eyes, or cut apple slices to make ears. When you find sticks for the arms, find some that are strong enough to hold a bird feeder. Can’t find any? Make a strand of popcorn garland for your snowperson to hold. Get creative!

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    Don't forget about our winter activity sheet on our Just For Kids Page!