Sounds of Frogs

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During the spring and summer months frogs and toads can be heard making their breeding call from ponds, streams, and various other wetlands. Just like birds, frog species can be identified by the call they make. 

  • Cope's Gray Tree Frog

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    Known for its harsh call, a short trill described as fast and high-pitched.
    Can be heard from the spring to late summer, and are often heard calling right before a rain shower.

  • Green Tree Frog

    green tree frog 150x202

    Harsh, nasal "quank-quank-quank. . . "
    Calls sometimes sound bell-like. 

  • Southern Leopard Frog

    Southern Leopard Frog 150x132

    Listen for laughing.
    Can sound like a slow moving zipper.

  • Cricket Frog

    Cricket Frog 150x155

    A bag of marbles or rocks clicking together.

  • Green Frog

    Green Frog 150x97

    Closely mimics loose banjo strings being plucked.

  • Upland Chorus Frog

    upland chorus frog 150x145

    Sounds as if someone is running their finger along a comb.
    One of the first calls in the spring.

  • Pickerel Frog

    Pickerel Frog 150x98

    Imitates a slow snore.

  • Wood Frog

    wood frog 150x97

    Another species that starts calling early, even as early as late winter.

    Can be mistaken for feeding ducks.

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