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Hunting is a popular use on Clarks River National Wildlife Refuge! On this page, we hope to answer some of the more common questions and provide some links to useful information. Please see our hunting/fishing brochure for all hunting/fishing rules and regulations.

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources activated its Chronic Wasting Disease Response Plan in early September of 2021. Hunters pursuing deer on Clarks River National Wildlife Refuge must follow these regulation amendments. More details on current affected counties, within the refuge boundary, can be found here.


What do I need to hunt on Clarks River National Wildlife Refuge

A signed refuge brochure is required for anyone that is also required to have a Kentucky State hunting license and is engaged in hunting activities on the Refuge. The brochure should be obtained and signed before arriving to hunt on the Refuge.  Print your brochure here!


Can I use a tree stand for deer hunting on the refuge?

Permanent tree stands are prohibited. Climbing and/or portable stands may be used. They can be placed in the field no earlier than two weeks prior to the opening of season and must be removed within one week after the season closes. Stands left in the field must be identified by hunter's name, address, and phone number. Safety belts are required with the use of a tree stand.

Do you have quota hunts or bonus hunts on the Refuge

Clarks River National Wildlife Refuge follows state bag limits and does not offer bonus hunts. The refuge does offer a quota duck hunt. To be considered for the draw, a person is required to fill out a post card with their name, address, and phone number and submit it to Clarks River NWR, PO Box 89, Benton, KY 42025. Post cards will be accepted September 1st and must be received no later than October 15th. 

Is there a refuge hunter check station

There are currently no hunter check stations on the refuge. However, deer and turkey harvested on the Refuge are required to be telechecked through the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources at 1-800-245-4263 with the public land code for Clarks River National Wildlife Refuge. These links will take you to Deer Harvest Results or Turkey Harvest Results.

Do you offer Hunter Education Classes?

At this time the Refuge does not offer Hunter Education Classes, also known as "Orange Card Classes". For Kentucky's hunter education requirements or class schedules, learn more here.



  •  If you have harvested all the meat your family needs but would still like to hunt, we encourage you to consider Kentucky Hunters for the Hungry.
  • Camping is not allowed on the refuge. This link will help you find camping and lodging information for the area as well as deer processing information.  
  • This link will take you to a page that has helpful tips for hunting on public land.
  • Taking youth hunting? We have some tips for making the experience more fun for you and them.