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Fall Fun!

sweet gum fall leaves

When the temperature starts to drop and it’s necessary to wear a jacket outside, you know fall is here! Soon, it will be winter and snow or ice will cover the ground, but for now it is time to enjoy one of the most favored seasons of the year.  Here are some unique wildlife ways to enjoy this season!

  • Coyotes

    coyote 150x141

    Fall means Halloween, and with that comes all the creepy creatures written about in books and shown in movies. A pretty famous one that you have probably heard of is the wearwolf. Now we don’t happen to have any of those in our woods, in fact you won’t be able to find any kind of wolf in the woods around here anymore. However, we do have coyotes, and they howl. So a fun way to set the mood for Halloween is to go outside on a full moon night and listen for the coyotes to howl. Yeah, they sound very different than the wearwolf on TV, but it’s fun to pretend!

  • Leaves

    leaves in river 150x128

    Some look at a yard of leaves and see beauty, others see work. So, here are two tips that might give you an excuse to NOT rake leaves! One, lots of critters use leaves to insulate their home squirrels, chipmunks, mice, and insects. Two, the decaying leaves add nutrients to the ground and benefit plants. Sticks and twigs? Pile them up and you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll have residents. Even if you still have to rake the leaves and pick-up sticks, try leaving a small pile somewhere in the yard for wildlife.

  • Pumpkins

    pumpkins 150x150

    Pumpkins, gourds, and mums oh my! Okay, so Halloween and Thanksgiving are over and your beautiful pots of mums are a crispy brown now, and those carved pumpkins are turning black so they look like a pile of mushy monster mess. Don’t let out a shrieking scream! Take that mess to corner of your yard and let nature have a little fun. Lots of critters will enjoy making a home or munching on the leftovers of these natural decorations. 

  • Birds

    duck flock

    “The bird war, the bird attack, plague - call it what you like.” Some of you might recognize that quote from the famous Alfred Hitchcock film The Birds. Even if you have never seen that film you’ve probably heard about it and this time of year with the large flocks of birds flying south it always seems to bring up thoughts about that movie. Well, now is a great time of year to see some birds that we don’t normally have nesting in our area. So, visit the Refuge or put out a bird feeder. Then, grab your binoculars and bird book. If you’re really brave, watch the movie first!

  • Scarecrow


    Fall would not be complete without a scarecrow, but reinvent the purpose of it. Make the scarecrow wildlife friendly! For example, use a pumpkin for the head with acorns or berries for the eyes nose and mouth. Smear peanut butter on his head and attach spaghetti noodles for hair. Shape his arms so that he can hold a birdfeeder or just a bowl of bird seed.  Make his fingers out of carrots. Make his feet of gourds or squash. Think like wildlife and get creative!

Page Photo Credits — Coyote - usfws, Leaves - aeller/usfws, Pumpkin - Eranb, Scarecrows - Wikipedia Commons, Sweet Gum Tree - shayden/usfws, Flock of Ducks - aeller/usfws
Last Updated: Sep 18, 2014
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