USFWS Educational Videos

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The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has some great videos to watch on their YouTube channel, so on days you can't visit the refuge, the refuge can visit your classroom or home.

Learn about the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in this video.

Find out the history of migratory bird conservation here.


Videos about wildlife:

This video lets you watch a Monarch caterpillar turn into a chrysalis. Follow that video up with one that shows a Monarch emerging from a chrysalis.

Did you know? Fish migrate too!

Learn about the history of the American Bald Eagle and some of the technology used to help study this species. 

All About Bats!

Life Cycle of Freshwater Mussel

Find out the success story of the California Condor.

The Biology of Mussels

Bats and the Biologists who study them

West Indian Manatees


These videos can help with the Junior Duck Stamp Art and Writing Contest:

Junior Duck Stamp History

Duck Identification: Mallard

Duck Identification: Dabbling Ducks

Duck Identification: Diving Ducks

How to Paint a Wetland

How to Paint a Duck


Wonder what it's like to work for U.S. Fish and Wildlife? The videos below should help:

A Day in the Life of a Federal Wildlife Officer

Pilot Biologist

Wildlife Biologist

Wildlife Detection Dogs

Wildlife Law Enforcement