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Keeping a life list, or just like the songs of birds? Every season will unveil different species of birdlife on the Clarks River National Wildlife Refuge for you to enjoy! 


  • Bird Watching

    There are lots of opportunities to bird watch with over 200 species of songbirds that use the refuge. 

    For a complete species list, see our bird brochure.

    Visit our wildlife viewing page for some helpful tips.

  • Songbirds

    Due to the loss of approximately 81% of the bottomland hardwoods in Kentucky, the refuge plays an important role in providing bottomland hardwood habitat for forest interior songbirds. Among those species are the imperiled Cerulean warbler, Swainson's warbler, and Prothonotary warbler. These three species are among the Service's five highest priority migratory songbirds and can be found on the refuge.

    Other songbirds that can be found on the refuge are Acadian Flycatchers, Indigo Buntings and the Kentucky Warbler.

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  • Raptors

    Sometimes referred to as "birds of prey", these magnificent birds have keen eyesight and powerful talons that make them great hunters. These birds are also larger in size and majestic in flight, making them captivating for new and seasoned birders alike. 

    You can follow this link to see a few of the raptor species that call Clarks River National Wildlife Refuge home.  

  • Waterfowl

    The term waterfowl is used when referring to ducks, geese, and swans. The refuge supports a resident duck species, the Wood Duck, by placing nesting boxes in ideal habitat. The refuge also supports migrating waterfowl through management of natural habitat and construction of several waterfowl impoundments.

    Learn more about some of the waterfowl species seen on the refuge or about the waterfowl surveys and the refuge's waterfowl impoundments.

  • Other Game Birds

    While these birds are often overlooked in terms of beauty, the Refuge provides opportunities to observe these "diamond in the rough" species.

    Discover more about these birds.