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Refuge Animals

Clarks River National Wildlife Refuge has some resident animals. They are popular request for group programs, and they often receive visitors at the refuge headquarters. Learn a little more about our critters!

  • King Tut the Eastern Kingsnake

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    King Tut the eastern Kingsnake came to live at Clarks River National Wildlife Refuge in 2009. He is a wonderful gentle critter that teaches people all about the good snakes do in the environment.

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  • Marvin the Eastern Box Turtle

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    Our eastern Box Turtle, Marvin, was brought to the refuge with a damaged shell. While he was rehabilitating, Marvin started doing educational programs and hasn't stopped since!  

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  • Beadie the Skunk

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    Beadie the Skunk came to the Refuge in November of 2010, and he quickly became the Refuge Rock Star. Sadly, Beadie passed in the fall of 2013, but we can still learn so much from the time that he spent with us.

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Page Photo Credits — Beadie - shayden/usfws, Marvin - shayden/usfws, King Tut - shayden/usfws
Last Updated: Oct 05, 2015
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