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Activity Sheets

Bingo Hike 512x326Going outside? Need a game or activity to keep you busy? We've got ya' covered!


The staff at Clarks River National Wildlife Refuge have developed a few activity sheets that you can print out and do in your back yard or while on the refuge.

This activity sheet is good for the spring months. Spring Activity Sheet 

Looking for something to do in the summer? Summer Activity Sheet 

Try this activity sheet during the fall months. Fall Activity Sheet 

This one was made with the colder winter months in mind. Winter Activity Sheet 

Bingo anyone?! This isn't your ordinary bingo. Remember we never take anything off the refuge unless it's litter. Bingo Sheet 

River bingo. Yeah, we made a bingo sheet for aquatic critters too. This activity is best done with a net. Remember to return the critters to the water, or their family might miss them!

We also have a Scavenger Hunt that can be completed at our Environmental Education and Recreation Area. Then bring your completed sheet by our headquarters and we will give you a prize!

Other places to look:

Be like a biologist and record what you see. Here is a data sheet for Wildlife Watch Explorer by the National Wildlife Federation.

This link will take you to U.S. Fish and Wildlife's Book of Stuff to Do Outside.

Page Photo Credits — Bingo Hike - rstainfield/usfws
Last Updated: Aug 27, 2014
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