Junior Angler Activities

Brook Trout by USFWS

Become a Junior Angler! Complete any of the activities found on this page and send them to us!

  • 2020 Fishing Derby Notice

    2020 Fishing Derby Notice

    2020 School Days Fishing Derby Activity Page. Will print on an 11x17 sheet of paper. All of the activities are listed below and can be printed off on a standard sheet of paper.

    School Days Fishing Derby Activity Sheet (PDF)

  • Perky Pike

    perky pike image

    Print this Perky Pike Coloring page.

    Perky Pike Coloring Page

  • Word Search

    word search image

    Can you find all of the words in the word search? Learn to tie a clinch knot, perfect for tying a hook to a line. Can you name the three stages of a fish's life cycle?

    Word Search Activity Page (PDF)

  • What's That Fish

    What's that fish image

    Can you name that fish? The fish species in this fish identification challenge can be found in pools or streams. Then try your hand at a fish anatomy quiz. Can you find the pelvic fin? What about the lateral line? Good luck!

    What's That Fish Activity Page (PDF)

  • Crossword Puzzle

    cross word puzzle image

    Take the National Wildlife Refuge fishing crossword puzzle challenge.

    Crossword Puzzle Activity Page (PDF)

  • Hazards of Lead

    Hazards of Lead image

    Did you know that lead is a metal toxic to life? That is why lead tackle is not allowed on refuges. Please consider switching to non-lead tackle for fishing off refuge as well. Learn how it affects birds in particular on this coloring sheet.

    Hazards of Lead Coloring Page (PDF)

  • Easiest Dot-to-Dot

  • Harder Dot-to-Dot

  • Hardest Dot-to-Dot

  • Improved Clinch Knot

    clinch know

    Need help tying your hook? 

    Improved Clinch Knot Tutorial (PDF)

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  • Credits

    Artwork by Sara Wolman/USFWS, Rachel Stein/USFWS, Hannah Green/USFWS, Sara Giles/USFWS, and Lesley Straub/Volunteer.

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