General Wildlife



The nonnative but naturalized nutria are abundant on the refuge, introduced to the United States from South America in 1899. Nutria were released, either intentionally or accidentally, in the Louisiana marshes in the 1930's. Although the nutria can be destructive to levees and vegetation, the species is beneficial in that it is available as a food source for alligators. The refuge also has an abundant coyote population, which feed on rabbits and other rodents that are plentiful. Other mammals commonly seen around Cameron Prairie include raccoons, otters, opossum, and mink. Three species of game mammals are found on the refuge, all with productive populations: the white-tailed deer, swamp rabbit, and cottontail rabbit.

Amphibians and Reptiles 

Except for the American alligator, little information is currently available about reptile and amphibian populations on the refuge. Known species include American alligator, eastern narrow-mouthed toad, Gulf Coast toad, Northern cricket frogs, eastern hog-nosed snake, western ribbon snake, common kingsnake, slider, green anole, ground skink, and five-lined skink.

Aquatic Species
Fish species present include gar, cat fish, bowfin, bluegill, largemouth bass, and crappie.