Wildlife Viewing and Photography


Cameron Prairie hosts huge numbers of waterfowl, especially in the winter, so make sure to bring your cameras when coming to visit!

At the Visitor Center there are a multitude of opportunities to see and photograph wildlife. There is a boardwalk over a pond as you approach the Visitor Center that contains a multitude of fish, turtles, and birds for your viewing pleasure. An additional boardwalk at the back of the Visitor Center offers more wildlife viewing opportunities in a managed moist soil unit with associated levees.

Pintail Wildlife Drive, a three-mile graveled auto tour route, is located two miles south of the Visitor Center. The drive provides excellent wildlife observation and photography opportunities. There are interpretive signs along the route describing wildlife species, and marsh and plant ecology. Visitors can see wading birds, waterfowl, and alligators.

In addition, State Highway 27, which bisects the Refuge, is part of the Creole Nature Trail All American Road. Visitors pass through several wetland habitats along the Creole Nature Trail and have numerous areas to pull off for wildlife viewing and photography.