Proposed Hunting and Fishing Program Changes

The Service is proposing changes for the station’s hunt program.


Summary of Proposed Expansions to Hunting and Fishing
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For more information on how to submit comments:
Public Information Bulletin
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The documents are available for your review and comment:
Draft Hunt and Fish Plan for Cache River NWR
Central Arkansas NWR Complex, AR, EA and Appendices

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To ensure consideration of your comments in the development
of a final decision on the proposal, please ensure that we receive
your comments within 60 days following the Federal Register 2021-22,
Station Specific, Hunting and Sport Fishing Regulations
Notice, which will publish May 4, 2021.  See the Notice link below.

2021-2022 Station-Specific Hunting and Sport Fishing Regulations


The deadline for comments is July 6, 2021.

Please submit comments by email to or mailed to: Central Arkansas National Wildlife Refuge Complex, C/O Keith Weaver, 26320 Highway 33, Augusta, AR 72006

We anticipate making a decision on the proposal by late summer 2021.