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Brochures and Newsletter

  • General Brochure

    Cover Page of General Brochure 60 x 128

    The General Brochure has information about the natural and cultural history of the refuge, as well as the significant wildlife and plant species that can be found here. Also included is a map of the refuge and general regulations.

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  • Plant Brochure

    Cover Page of Plant Brochure 60 x 128

    The Plant Brochure provides information about many of the most common plant species to be found on the refuge including physical descriptions and blooming times. Icons indicate where on the refuge to spot each species.

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  • Bird Checklist

    Cover Page of Bird Checklist 60 x 128

    This brochure lists over 275 bird species that have been spotted at Ash Meadows. Included is information on season, abundance, and general habitat. A must for any avid birder!

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  • Hunt Brochure

    Hunt Brochure Thumbnail

    This brochure features information and regulations about hunting on the refuge. Also included is a map showing where hunting is allowed and prohibited.

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  • Newsletter

    Newsletter Thumb

    Check out what's been happening on the Refuge with the Summer 2015 Newsletter.

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Last Updated: Sep 09, 2015
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