Examples of activities generally not allowed on Refuges

Different land management agencies have different mandates. Some activities are generally prohibited on Refuges for the purpose of protecting the wildlife and habitat resources they are meant to steward. Unless authorized through a Special Use Permit, Arctic Refuge generally does not allow the following:

  • Using off-road vehicles (all-terrain vehicles)
  • Using airboats on its lands anywhere and on its waterways flowing north of the continental divide (310 kb PDF)
  • Using helicopters for recreational or commercial purposes
  • Abandoning or caching property (this also prohibits geocaches)
  • Introducing non-native animals or plants (this is why use of certified weed-free bedding and feed is recommended for dog teams and other domestic animals)
  • Collecting fossils, antlers, bones, plants, or artifacts
  • Target-practicing or siting in rifles
  • Conducting a commercial activity without a Special Use Permit

Examples of activities generally not allowed in designated wilderness

  • Commercial filming or other commercial enterprise, unless deemed necessary to manage the area as wilderness
  • Using mechanical or motorized equipment (except for airplanes and motor boats, which are exempted through the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act)

For questions about specific activities, please contact Refuge staff.