For Educators

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge produces the following educational projects for use by teachers:

"Stained glass" Art Project

An activity specifically produced for early elementary students, but of interest to all ages.

Pop-up Activities

Turn two dimensional paper into a three-dimensional landscape or critter.

Mammal Skulls of the Arctic Refuge*

Print out and make 10 life-size skulls of mammals living in the Refuge.

Mammal Skulls Lessons

Activities and skull information for students using the Mammal Skulls of the Arctic Refuge.

A Caribou Year*

Study materials for use with "A caribou year" web pages located in the Wildlife section of this web site.

Alaska Migratory Bird Calendar Contest

Alaska school children submit posters and literature to the Alaska Migratory Bird Calendar Contest.

Arctic Refuge produces the following reading materials for use by teachers and students:

A Polar Bear Year (1 meg pdf file)

This fictional short story shows what a polar bear mother on Arctic Refuge might experience throughout the four seasons. Youth and adults alike may find this story exciting and educational.

A Sense of the Refuge booklet (1.1 meg pdf file)

Pictures and words describing the Arctic, Arctic Refuge, and its wildlife and plants.

A Family of Wolves

Children and adults enjoy this true story about the challenges a young wolf overcomes to get the pack's pups back to their mother.

* These activities were created for "Caribou Mysteries," an education partnership between the Arctic Refuge and the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District which was generously funded by the Toyota USA Foundation.