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This page contains archived files produced during the DRAFT planning process. Newer files of Arctic Refuge's Revised CCP/Final EIS are now available at 

Overview of Public Comments

Planning Booklet: Sample of Draft CCP Comments (660 kb pdf file)

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Newer items: Summary of Public Comments concerning Draft CCP

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A Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP) is a document that outlines and guides long-term management for a National Wildlife Refuge. The original CCP for Arctic Refuge was signed into effect in 1988. We are now midway through a 2-year process to revise the 1988 CCP and accompanying Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

[Original Comprehensive Conservation Plan written in 1988 (52 mb pdf file), along with the 1988 Record of Decision (120 kb pdf file).]

Similar to the original CCP, the revised CCP does not address some concerns and interests related to the Refuge. For example, only the U.S. Congress can decide whether Arctic Refuge's coastal plain (also known as the 1002 Area) should be made available for oil and gas development and only Congress can designate wilderness.

The draft CCP contains six management alternatives. It contains no preferred alternative. We will consider public comments before selecting a preferred alternative.

The big picture

The full CCP planning effort is occurring over two years. It began in spring 2010 and will end in winter 2012. Public scoping comments received in spring 2010 were used to help identify issues and management alternatives, and to write the Draft CCP. The public comment period on the Draft Revised CCP is now closed. We are working on addressing your comments as we finalize the Plan.

What's happening now

The public comment period on the Draft Revised CCP ran from August 15 to November 15, 2011. During this period we received hundreds of thousands of comments. These included communications by mail, emails, faxes, website submissions, and statements at public meetings. We have worked to address your comments. Substantive comments and our written responses will be published in the Final Revised CCP/EIS. For now, you can read a sample of Draft Revised CCP comments in our most recent Planning Update booklet of sample commments. (660 kb pdf file). You can also read a summary of all public comments, including each of the 1300 substantive comments, in the Summary of Public Comments (Not available yet).

2011 Materials for Draft CCP

Draft CCP texts:

Complete Draft CCP and EIS:

Additional Documents and Reports:

The following materials were created for display at the public meetings about the draft revised CCP:

[These posters are large. If you print them to letter-size paper, set your printer to scale to the page.]

Archived CCP Materials from 2010

Planning Update Booklets:

  • April 2010 (1.3 mb pdf file)
  • September 2010 (400 kb pdf file)

Federal Register Notices:

Press Releases:

Questions and Answers:

The following materials were created for display at scoping public meetings held during spring 2010:

[These posters are large. If you print them to letter-size paper, set your printer to scale to the page.]

Additional products:

Related information

Informed involvement by citizens is one key element of a successful CCP revision. The most effective involvement comes from members of the public who understand the purposes of the Refuge and the work of the Refuge staff. The following links provide information about the Refuge and its management:

Policies that govern the Refuge and its management:

Stay informed

To make the Arctic Refuge's CCP process available to the widest audience, and to save printing and mailing costs, this web site is the primary source for all CCP-related information. Simply by visiting this web site you have access to everything that is produced about the Revised CCP and you will have complete opportunities to submit your written comments.

You may wish to be placed on the Revised CCP's email or mailing list. Note that the names, addresses, and email addresses that appear on these lists could be released upon request, under provisions of the Freedom of Information Act.

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Request a copy of the summary or full draft CCP/EIS

We have a limited number of CDs containing the complete text of the draft revised CCP and summary booklet. We have an even more limited number of bound 2-volume sets (totaling 1200 pages), and some print copies of the summary booklet. There is no charge. They will be issued on a first-come first-served basis.

How to contact the Refuge regarding the CCP

You can contact us in the following ways:

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Arctic NWR - CCP
101 12th Ave., Rm 236
Fairbanks AK 99701
  • By phone to 907-456-0250, or 800-362-4546
  • By fax to 907-456-0428

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