Refuge visitors contribute to Alaska’s economy

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A recent report recognizes the role national wildlife refuges play in economies nationwide, and describes the economic contributions visitors to Arctic National Wildlife Refuge make within the State of Alaska. Using information from 2017, the report shows that visitors to Arctic National Wildlife Refuge contributed more than $29 million to Alaska’s local and state economies that year. These visitors arrived at Arctic Refuge from across the state, the nation, and the world. They purchased transportation services; food and lodgings; personal, gift, and recreation-related items; wildlife viewing services; hunting support services; and entertainment as they traveled through Alaska on their way to, from, and within the Refuge. Also of economic significance, but outside of the report’s focus on visitors, it’s good to keep in mind that Arctic Refuge hosts numerous research projects conducted by scientists from around the world each year. As with visitors, these researchers also add millions of dollars to local and state economies across Alaska.

Read the full report to learn more about how visitors at Arctic National Wildlife Refuge contribute to Alaska's economy.