Air Taxi and Transporter Permits

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A Special Use Permit is required for all companies providing flights for which passengers pay a fee or for any services rendered or goods delivered on Refuge lands. A $100 administrative permit application fee is required.

Businesses seeking to operate in winter and spring should apply in the October 1 to November 30 application period in the year prior to operation. Businesses seeking to operate in summer and fall should apply January 1 to April 15 in the current year. If sending by mail, permit applications postmarked by the end-date of each application period will be accepted.

Steps to apply for a permit:

1) Read the Application Guidance

2) Fill out the commercial permit application and sign the document (either electronically or printed). 

3) Compile the following documents to submit with your application form:

1. State of Alaska Business License

2. Liability Insurance Requirement (minimum: Aviation Passenger Liability: $150,000/seat plus Property Damage: $100,000)

3. FAA Air Carrier Certificate

4. State of Alaska Air Carrier Certificate of Compliance

5. Transporter License from the Alaska Big Game Commercial Services Board (if you plan to be a transporter on the Refuge)

4) Submit the application form and supporting documentation via email to or via mail to Arctic Refuge Permit Specialist, 101 12th Avenue Room 236, Fairbanks, AK 99701.

5) Pay the $100 administrative fee. You may call 907-456-0512 with a credit card or mail to 101 12th Avenue Room 236, Fairbanks, AK 99701.

If you have any questions, please call 907-456-0512 or email

Businesses currently permitted to operate on the Refuge.