A woman with a braid in her hair looking through binoculars at a scrubby landscape

The Anahuac Wildlife Refuge (AWR) is one of the foremost birding locations in the United States, particularly during the spring migration.  Large numbers of warblers and other passerine migrants make the non-stop trip from the Yucatan Peninsula to this area of Texas and stop here to rest, wash off the salt water, and for sustenance.

A wide variety of herons, egrets, rails, owls, and ibis nest at AWR along with mottled ducks, fulvous tree ducks, and black-bellied whistling ducks.  There is always something to see.

With the fall and winter months comes large numbers of waterfowl and raptors.  Fifteen species of waterfowl would not be uncommon to be seen during a day along with bald eagles, multiple species of falcons, hawks, owls, and wading birds.

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