Wildlife & Habitat

1917 postcard front

Pre-20th century explorations of Pyramid Lake included descriptions of thousands of birds nesting on Anaho Island. In 1913, the island was set aside by President Woodrow Wilson as breeding grounds for these birds.

[pictured above: postcard from 1917 illustrating nesting American White Pelicans on Anaho Island]

  • Flora of Anaho Island NWR - Kulpa/Phillips

    Desert Paintbrush - Anaho Island NWR native plant

    PDF booklet, 80 pages, full color; pub. 2015, ver.1.1; UNR Press

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  • Birds of Pyramid Lake

    thumbnail pelicans flying 150 x 118

    PDF checklist, b/w 5pg. of all birds found within Pyramid Lake Paiute Indian reservation.

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