to the nation's premiere seabird nesting and research refuge. Home to 40 million marine birds and mammals; some birds and animals breed nowhere else...

Leader in Research 

* to detect changes in the health of our ocean.
* to discover conservation issues of seabirds.
* protect or restore the natural biodiversity of our islands.
* with an Endangered species success story. 

Foremost Wildlife Viewing

* Best place to view and photograph puffins, other seabirds, and fur seals from land.
* Islands with seabirds, sea lions, seals, and sea otters - tour boats go to some.
* Chance to see birds rarely or never seen elsewhere in North America.
* New visitor center (Alaska Islands & Ocean - Homer, Alaska).

International Connections

* Some plants and animals more typical of Asia.
* Some birds (shearwaters) migrate 'down under' to Australia and New Zealand.
* We help fulfill treaties with more than 17 nations.

Earth-shaking History

* Volcanoes erupt and build new wildlife habitat.
* Earliest contact between Alaska Natives and newcomers (Russians).
* Only World War II land battle fought on North American soil.