Travel Tips - Private Lands

Please have courtesy for other land owners. Not all land within the boundaries of the refuge is public land.

Check before you visit  

  1. Check the land status map or
  2. ask the land owner(f you know who that is) 

Military Reserves

  • In the Aleutians, for example, there are still military reservations. Formal military clearance is required to land on Shemya Island, home of Eareckson Air Force Base. 
  • Access to the U.S. Coast Guard Loran Station on Attu and the lands under its administration (including the runway) requires Coast Guard permission. 
  • The northern portion of Adak Island, however, is no longer a military base.(see below) 

Private Ownership 
Some islands or parts of islands have been or are being transferred into private ownership under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. For example, the northern portion of Adak Island is now owned by the Aleut Corporation. These landowners must be contacted for permission to visit their land.

When in doubt ... contact the refuge
Because of the potential for mixed ownership on islands within the boundaries, visitors should contact the refuge (907-235-6546) if unsure of land status.