All commercial users or operations conducted on Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge are required by Federal law to obtain a special use permit from the refuge.

  • Permit Information

    A special use permit is not required for the general public to visit a national wildlife refuge to engage in wildlife-dependent recreational activities such as wildlife watching, hunting, fishing, photography, environmental education, interpretation, hiking, and camping. Visitors must comply with all pertinent refuge regulations, State and Federal laws, and State hunting and fishing regulations.

    Special Use permits are required for, but not limited to, the following types of activities:

    • Commercial operations
    • Scientific Research and Monitoring
    • General


    To obtain a permit for commercial activity on the refuge, a business must submit an application and operational plan to the refuge, and agree to comply with special conditions stipulated on a permit. Some special conditions differ among permit types. Early permit application is encouraged to facilitate timely processing. There is a $100 administrative fee for issuance of the permit and a daily client use fee based on the type of activity in which the commercial user is engaged.

  • Commercial Services


    • Guiding and outfitting (hunting, fishing, wildlife watching, river trips, etc.)
    • Big game transporting
    • Air and water taxi
    • Sand and gravel removal
    • Commercial filming and videographers
    Commercial Services Checklist


    Commercial Services Permit Application

  • Scientific Research

    Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge welcomes study on the refuge and collaboration with our team of biologists. In many cases, working closely with our team may be advantageous for solving logistical challenges in reaching this far-flung refuge. Our ship the R/V Tiglax sails the refuge's nearshore waters and may be headed to the location that you want to reach.

    • Biological research
    • Archeological research
    • Geological research
    • Research and Monitoring Installations* (i.e., weather, climate, seismic, etc.)


    Research Permit Checklist 

    Scientific Research Permit Application

  • General


    • Commercial guide cabins
    • Subsistence cabins
    • Trapping cabins
    • Tent platforms and long term tent camps
    • Commercial fishing cabins and other support facilities

    General Permits Checklist

    General Permit Application


  • Draft Compatibility Determinations

    The public is invited to comment on draft compatibility determinations:

    Commercial Filming

  • Final Compatibility Determinations

    Final signed compatibility determinations:

    Tandem Stills Inc Compatibility Determination 2019