• Alaska Wildlife Curriculum (from Alaska Department of Fish and Game)
  • Seabird Youth Network lessons 
  • Cyber Salmon (from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service) Plain-language, entertaining approach to the lives of some of Alaska’s most important fish. Includes the life cycle of salmon, the variety of habitats needed throughout their lives, and the significance of salmon to people. 
  • Sea Ducks of Alaska (from Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies - Homer) Hands-on activity guide exploring adaptations of sea ducks and their role in the marine and fresh water food webs. Includes identification cards and "trading cards." 
  • Endangered Species of Alaska (from Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies - Homer) 
  • Attu: North American battleground of World War II (from Teaching with Historical Places Lesson Plans, National Register, National Park Service). The setting: World War II campaign to regain Alaska islands seized by the Japanese. Includes inquiry question, historical context, maps, readings, visual evidence - and activities to put it all together. Links and notes on further reading. 
  • Shorebird Sister Schools Program Inspires shorebird and habitat conservation by connecting people along flyways from South America, North America, and Asia. The long-distance flying-machines that are shorebirds open doors to other cultures. 
  • Outreach and Education of the Alaska Regional office of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Anchorage, Alaska.