Each year, refuge biologists inventory and monitor various species and habitats on the refuge. Much of the scientific focus has been on the areas of Yukon Flats that support large concentrations of breeding waterfowl. However, other studies have focused on lynx, moose, black bears, songbirds, fish, and fire. Refuge staff collaborate with and support the work of other agencies, non-government organizations, universities, and the public in planning and implementing the station’s biological program.

  • Inventory and Monitoring


    Annual species surveys and research activities are essential to ensure that management decisions are as informed and effective as possible. Recent biological activities on the refuge include monitoring water bird and trumpeter swan breeding, surveying scoter and scaup populations, conducting Bald Eagle nest surveys, and monitoring moose and Dall Sheep populations

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  • Additional Scientific Research


    The Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge protects a large, natural and diverse ecosystem which provides an excellent living laboratory for scientific research. Staff members cooperate with universities, graduate students, and other state, federal and private agencies to study fish, wildlife and habitats.

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