(Steve Hillebrand/ USFWS)

The Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge is one of more than 540 refuges in the National Wildlife Refuge System, the only national network of lands in the world set aside principally for the management of fish and wildlife resources.

Whether visiting its wild lands or exploring this website, you’re sure to find something that stirs your imagination. Don’t be surprised. Generations have felt the same wonder when confronted by a landscape that does not reflect the passage of time. It is common for visitors to sense they have stepped back into a different century. The usual distractions of our modern world: the drone of automobiles; nighttime skies illuminated by city lights; and even other people, are absent. Recently, an international tourist alone with a guide on the refuge was so overwhelmed by this phenomenon that he cut his trip short and left immediately to return to civilization!

If you can’t visit the refuge physically, you are in the majority. However, this does not prevent you from enjoying this special place. Most of the people that supported the establishment of the refuge in 1980 had never visited the area. Yet their actions bestowed a gift we can only begin to comprehend; 8.6 million acres, spanning an area approximately 220 miles east to west and roughly 120 miles south to north, this land represents undeveloped wilderness, a place where the marks left by the hand of man are rarely seen. Imagine how the intrinsic values of this place will grow as the rest of the world becomes more devoid of natural areas.

Please wander this website as you would roam the wilds of the Yukon Flats. Tell your friends and encourage others to visit. This site, and the refuge, are yours to enjoy. We are here to manage, protect and share with you. Welcome.