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  • Jimmy Fox

    Jimmy Fox profile pic

    Refuge Manager
    (907) 456-0407
    Responsible for stewardship of the land and providing opportunities for continued subsistence uses in partnership with tribes and many others

  • Allie Mulligan

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    Assistant Refuge Manager
    (907) 456-0403
    Administers special use permits, conducts outreach and educational programs, and supports a variety of other refuge management functions

  • Mark Bertram

    Mark Bertram 150x118.jpg

    Supervisory Wildlife Biologist
    (907) 456-0446
    Growing the biological program at the Yukon Flats NWR since 1993

  • Vince Mathews

    Vince Matthews 150x117.jpg

    Refuge Subsistence Coordinator for Yukon Flats, Kanuti, and Arctic National Wildlife Refuges
    (907) 455-1823
    Plans, guides, directs, and implements federal subsistence management programs in coordination with refuge employees and fisheries staff of the Fairbanks Fish and Wildlife Field Office. Serves as the point of contact with the Office of Subsistence Management for wildlife and fisheries subsistence programs, the Eastern Interior, Western Interior, and North Slope Regional Advisory Councils, and the Alaska Migratory Bird Co-management Council for the spring subsistence waterfowl harvest program.

  • Jim Akaran

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    (907) 456-0588
    Fish and wildlife biologist, MOCC instructor, 870 Remington armorer, and property coordinator

  • Sheila Dufford

    Sheila Dufford 150x118.jpg

    Wildlife Biologist/GIS Specialist
    (907) 456-0307
    Manages the Yukon Flats' Geographical Information System(GIS), prepares maps for use in management decisions and public information release, analyzes geospatial data including telemetry point data and satellite imagery, searches and downloads geospatial as requested by staff, and provides GIS technical support for the three refuges and Fish & Wildlife Field Office based in Fairbanks

  • Nikki Guldager

    Nikki Guldager 150x118.jpg

    Wildlife Biologist/Pilot
    (907) 455-1815
    Conducts Refuge flights with emphasis on aerial wildlife surveys and remote field camp support, and works on biological projects from wetlands to mammals, with special interest in habitat.

  • Delia Vargas Kretsinger

    Delia Vargas Kretsinger 150x118.jpg

    Wildlife Biologist
    (907) 456-0419
    Delia's background is in botany, waterfowl nesting ecology, plant community studies, wildlife habitat research focused on moose and willow browse, and goose foraging ecology. Her current work is on preventing the spread of non-native aquatic and terrestrial plant invasives in interior Alaska and looking for Elodea, Alaska's first aquatic submersed invasive plant.

  • Bryce Lake

    Bryce Lake 150x118.jpg

    Wildlife Biologist
    (907) 465-0503
    Conducts biology to inform management, usually including aerial and ground surveys of birds and mammals, plus banding of waterfowl

  • Allyssa Morris

    Allyssa Morris 150x118.jpg

    Environmental Education Specialist
    (907) 456-0224
    Creates and implements curriculum-based environmental educational programs for local and village classrooms, coordinates science and culture camps, organizes local outreach events to promote the mission of the National Wildlife Refuge System, and helps administer social media

  • Mimi Thomas

    Mimi Thomas 150x118.jpg

    Park Ranger (Interpretation)
    (907) 662-5463
    "working to protect our lands and resources for the future"

  • Brian Haugen

    Brian Haugen 150x118.jpg

    Fire Management Officer
    (907) 455-1833
    Manages a fire program serving Yukon Flats, Arctic, Kanuti, and Tetlin National Wildlife Refuges

  • Dale Woitas

    Dale Woitas 150x118.jpg

    Assistant Fire Management Officer
    (907) 456-0361
    Coordinates fire management activities between Refuge staff, neighboring landowners, and Alaska Fire Service suppression resources as the AFMO for the Eastern Interior Refuges. Assists Yukon Flats, Arctic, Kanuti, and Tetlin National Wildlife Refuges with various biological field projects throughout the year.

  • Kimberly Robinson

    Administrative Officer
    (907) 456-0420
    Provides budget and administrative support.