Law Enforcement


The mission of the Refuge Law Enforcement Program is to protect wildlife and plant resources. Through the effective enforcement of Federal laws, we contribute to Fish and Wildlife Service efforts to recover endangered species, conserve migratory birds, preserve wildlife habitat, safeguard fisheries, combat invasive species, and promote international wildlife conservation. 


Our enforcement activities support the regional and national interests and objectives of the Service in the sound management of the nation's fish and wildlife resources by regulating those human activities that can have an adverse effect on wildlife populations. We also work to further international conservation efforts by enforcing treaties and U. S. laws that help foreign countries protect their indigenous wildlife species. 

Land Ownership and the Law

Land ownership patterns in southwest Alaska are a mix of Federal, State, Native corporation, and private lands. As such, there are a variety of regulations and enforcement agencies that you should be aware of if you are planning to visit this area. The links below are intended as a resource to help you familiarize yourself with some of these regulations and agencies. 

Agency Links