About the Refuge


Yazoo NWR is the oldest national wildlife refuge in the State of Mississippi. It was established in 1936 as one of the links in a chain of refuges that provide for the wintering needs of ducks and geese in the Mississippi Flyway.

Yazoo NWR is located in the heart of Mississippi’s Delta Region 25 miles south of Greenville, and five air miles east of the Mississippi River in Washington County. This refuge is home to American alligators, migratory waterfowl, wading birds, state record white-tailed deer, squirrel, rabbit and raccoon.

Yazoo National Wildlife Refuge is the home-sweet-home to a healthy population of American alligators, a reptile species whose ancestry can be traced back to the age of the dinosaur. In early June, the females are in locations easily observed by the public. The mother alligator remains close to the nest until the eggs hatch in late August or early September to guard it from predators. During this period her protective instincts are heightened. None of our visitors have ever been hurt by an aggressive alligator, but if you should come across a nest, please keep your distance.

Yazoo National Wildlife Refuge is also known as one of the premier hunting refuges in the southeastern U.S. For years, hunters have traditionally scheduled their vacations to hunt Yazoo National Wildlife Refuge’s white-tailed deer. Total refuge acreage is 13,036.