Wildlife & Habitat


Wolf Island NWR is a designated National Wilderness Area as well as an important winter stopover site for threatened red knots and endangered piping plovers.

  • Red Knot

    Red Knot by Ann Marie Morrison

    With one of the longest migrations in the animal world, Wolf Island NWR provides an important stopover ground for this threatened shorebird.

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  • Coastal Beach

    Wolf Island beach

    The beaches of Wolf Island NWR provide important habitat for a variety of shorebirds and other wildlife species.

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  • Piping Plover


    Wolf Island NWR provides important habitat for endangered piping plovers that spend their winters resting and foraging along the Atlantic coast.

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  • Salt Marsh

    Salt marsh at Wolf Island NWR

    Salt marshes are a mosaic of snaking channels called tidal creeks that fill with seawater during high tides and drain during low tides.

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  • American Oystercatcher


    This large, boldly patterned bird is fairly conspicuous in the salt marshes and along the shoreline of Blackbeard Island.

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  • Wilderness

    Wilderness Logo--PromoList

    Wolf Island NWR was designated a National Wilderness Area in 1975, and is one of 765 of these special places found throughout the United States.

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