Partners for fish & wildlife hat with duckling

Many refuges and wetland management districts have private, voluntary support groups known as a “Friends Group.” The Friends of Windom Wetlands are committed to community stewardship of the Windom Wetland Management District through preservation, restoration, promotion and education. Their goal is to inform the public about the benefits of the Windom Wetland Management District, and to provide opportunities for volunteers.

Our friends group is actively seeking new members. Friends of Windom Wetlands meets on the first Wednesday of each month beginning at 7:00 p.m. at the Wings on the Prairie Discovery Center. For more information, contact the district at 507-831-2220 or

Friends members are invited to special events, involved in the Friends’ annual meeting and celebrations, and have the opportunity to learn about and enjoy our prairie wetlands through hiking, nature trails, bird watching and hunting. Members will help further public awareness about the wetlands, expand opportunities for public use of waterfowl production areas, create sites for observation and photography of birds and other wildlife, support restoration and preservation of the wetlands and prairies, maintain hiking trails and promote hunter education and safety. Members will also be regarded as people sincerely concerned about the Windom wetlands.

Many other partners help us to accomplish the work of the Wetland Management District.  They include: